Water Storage Tanks

Farming Enterprises

Water is such a vital part of life on the land, storage must be reliable and longlasting. West Coast Poly rural range of tanks have the great advantage of being strong and durable but lightweight enough to move and manage. This is ideal for drought proofing the property by setting up water systems around the property.

Being non-corrosive the tanks they will store bore water and water with a high salt content, ideal for setting up a mill tank at bores. Setting up tanks is an easy soltution for maiximising rainwater harvesting from sheds and buildings around the property. Certified for drinking water, the homestead and other buildings can benefit.

Spray Water is a vital part of the cropping program, it is important that the water is clean and free from chemicals to avoid any reaction if you are mixing herbicides.


Small Landholders

Whether it is a Bush Block or a Farm adequate water storage for the house and stock needs to be planned. If you are just starting your new venture and have to keep within the budget constraints, the West Coast Poly water tank range is ideal to begin your water storage program. If you only have one shed and need water for the stock, install a tank to catch water from the roof to address your immediate needs and as the buildings and property develop, add more tanks. Tanks can be joined with flexible coupling to work as one.



Horticultural enterprises need water, controlled in accord with the nature of the enterprise. Market gardens set up systems of multiple tanks to maximise efficiency. Tanks are able to be coupled together using flexible piping.

Dependable water tank storage is the key, available on demand.

Horticulture covers a broad range of applications:

  • Market Gardens
  • Wineries
  • Nurseries
  • Hot Houses

Talk to an expert. Contact our technical expert staff for any assistance and advice on setting up your tanks.


Rural Range 4,500lt to 27,500lt

4500L/1000G 1.80M 1.80M 2.0M
9000L/2000G 2.35M 2.10M 2.30M
14000L/3100G 2.85M 2.25M 2.45M
23000L/5100G 3.78M 2.27M 2.40M
25000L/5600G 3.78M 2.47M (inlet height) 2.60M
27500L/6100G 3.78M 2.69M 2.82M



Combo Deal

Extra benefits of a Combo Deal

  • Allows you to collect water from your entire roof area, instead of half or a third.
  • Allows you to alternate water uses and supply.
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance easy, as you clean one water tank at a time and alternate the water.



The West Coast Poly range of water storage products are available from selected agents throughout the state.

Many carry stock of these products. Delivery details can be arranged at the time of purchase with the Agency.

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