Rainwater Harvesting

Australia is the driest populated continent on earth, and yet Australians are the greatest per capita consumers of water in the world.

Our average per person water use has decreased over recent years but Perth still remains one of the highest water using cities in Australia – so it makes sense to catch and use the rain that runs off your roof and utilize inside and outside the home taking pressure of our dwindling mains water supply.

Great benefits are achieved with rainwater harvesting systems plumbed to the toilet and/or laundry using rainwater for your appliances in place of mains water.

How It Works

A sensor in your rainwater tank automatically switches to mains water when your rainwater is low and back to rainwater automatically once your tank water is replenished.   Technology does the work for you, you won’t know which water you are using, but you will always be using your rainwater first.

The greatest water savings are made by supplying appliances like washing machines and toilets, which use large volumes of water all year round.  These two items (toilets & washing machines) use around 250 litres per day or half of all the water consumed in the average household.

West Coast Poly has a unique installation system whereby all controller and pump components are located on and within the tank itself. This ensures minimal plumbing works, minimal maintenance, minimal pump noise and minimal wall and floor space required to install the complete system.

Rainwater Harvesting Packages consist of a tank + pumping system + filter, these packages can be designed with different sized tanks and pumping systems to suit the individual needs and applications.

Installation At Building Stage

The planning stage is the ideal time to discuss your rainwater harvesting needs with your builder. This advanced planning will reduce costs by having the pipework, GPO and base for tank in place prior to installation of your rainwater harvesting package. Building Schematics and Specifications are available for your builder on request.

Installation On Existing Homes

Plumbing a rainwater harvesting system into an existing house can be done. Older homes with the copper piping running along the outside of the walls is reasonably simple but the modern home with pipework running in cavity walls or through the roof area involves a more planning and labour, but can be achieved. West Coast Poly has qualified plumbers that can quote these installations.

Standard Installation – DRY SYSTEM

Standard Installation – WET SYSTEM

Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Commercial and Public Buildings

Rainwater harvesting systems are increasingly being incorporated in multiple occupancy commercial and public-sector developments such as office buildings, schools and hospitals.

Such building frequently have large roof areas which of themselves present storm-water management issues; collecting this roof water for re-use helps to alleviate this problem. Conversely, buildings with multiple occupancy have a high, and potentially expensive, demand for toilet flushing water; using harvested water rainwater for this purpose therefore makes excellent sense. Distribution centres, too, with their requirement for fleet vehicle washing are an excellent example of the cost-effective and conservation application of rainwater harvesting.

Any building with a large roof and a high demand for non-potable water can at one and the same time use rainwater harvesting to help solve environmental storm-water management issues and make very substantial savings on the use of mains water.

Schools and educational establishments can efficiently manage their water consumption by installing rainwater harvesting systems, reducing usage from the local mains supply and make a significant contribution to a sustainable future.

West Coast poly offers a range of rainwater harvesting systems and can offer expert advise on system specifications that will ensure the most cost effective rainwater harvesting system is designed for their project.

Contact our professional and knowledgeable staff for assistance and advice setting up your system.

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