Winter Savers

Apr 19th, 2018 • Promotions

Don’t wait until Winter is here!

Now is the time to prepare and have tanks in place for the rains to come.

West Coast Poly’s Water Tank winter savers Promotion offers two great specials! Upsize to the 3,000L Slimline Tank for the price of the 2,500L Spacesaver, a saving of $165 OR purchase the 1,500L Slimline at the discounted price of $693.00 inc GST. The promotion commences on the 23rd of April and runs through until the 30th of June 2018.

Harvesting the water from our homes and sheds is an EASY, SIMPLE and ECONOMICAL way of providing a supply of good quality water – and it’s free! Rainwater collected from your roof and stored in a tank can be used for many things - drinking water, pot plants, washing the car, topping up the pool ....and the list goes on! An added advantage is that you’re reducing your mains water consumption!

Just because you have little space does not mean you can’t have a rainwater tank. If space is an issue West Coast Poly have a range of slimline tanks from 1500 litres to 3000 litres which are designed to fit neatly under the eaves of your home, or a small courtyard tank of 720 litres may be ideal.

When choosing the location of your tank, consider where it connects to your downpipes and stormwater drains to minimise pipe work required at time of installation. 

Have you ever watched rainwater cascading down the guttering and downpipes on a rainy day and thought “what a waste”, well here’s your answer, install a rainwater tank!

Give it a go, install your rainwater tank before winter - take advantage of our Winter Saver Specials – save money, save water.

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