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Aug 16th, 2017 • Promotions

West Coast Poly are pleased to announce the arrival the NEW superior designed Tank & Trough Combo, a welcomed addition to the West Coast Poly product range!  

The Tank & Trough Combo consists of a 4,500L water storage tank and Donut Trough with a drinking volume of 330L. 

The Donut Trough features a fully sealed float valve box, high flow float valve for fast re-fill, sweep out end for ease of cleaning and is designed to ensure no algae build up between the tank and trough.

The new Tank & Trough Combo will be on display at the Mingenew, Dowerin and Newdegate Field Days.

An introductory retail price for the 4,500L Tank & Trough Combo will be $1,980* and will be available until the 31st of December 2017.  This price includes GST, delivery on-site within 700km of Perth and standard fittings which include; 1 x 40mm outlet with isolation valve connected to the float valve in trough, 1 x 40mm trough drain bung and 1 x 40mm brass inlet with top or bottom fill option.

The Donut Trough will be available separately and can be retro fitted to existing tanks. The introductory retail price will be $990* – this price includes GST and delivery on-site within 700km of Perth.

*Introductory retail pricing valid until 31st December 2017

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