Installation and Maintenance

Installation of Rural Tanks

The following information is a guide to installing tanks from 4,500 Litre (1000g) to 23,000 Litre (5100g)

Critical Points to Remember

If a sandbase is used we advise that intermittent checks over a period of time should be made for the effects of erosion.

Base of tank must be fully supported across its entire area (base support must remain flat at all times).

Failure of the tank due to insufficient base support is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Pipe work should not place any loading on tank wall (flexible coupling is best alternative).

Overflow size must be equal or exceed inlet size.

Tank must be vented to prevent it being subject to pressure or vacuum (leafstrainer or breather must be installed).


Please note it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the tank base is Compliant with supporting the storage tank and ongoing maintenance. Failure to do so will void the warranty.