Fittings & Accessories

All West Coast Poly urban tanks come complete with standard fittings, fittings are installed into your tank prior to delivery so placement of fittings must be confirmed at time of order to ensure the fit out suits your requirements.  Additional fittings can also be installed at an additional cost.

Urban Tank Standard Fit-Out

A standard fit out consists of the overflow and drain bung on the right hand side and the tap at the front in the middle, the leaf strainer is placed at the inlet on the top of the tank (as per diagram). 



720 Round

1500 Slim

2500 Round

2500 Slim

3000 Slim



If a standard fit out is not suitable this can be changed at time of order placement, there is no additional charge for this.

See grid below for fitting sizes for individual Tanks.

Tank & Fittings 720 Round 1500 Slim 2500 Round 2500 Slim 3000 Slim
  Courtyard Slimline Suburban Spacesaver Terrace
Tap 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
Overflow 50mm 50mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Drain Bung 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
Tap Height 340mm 375mm 475mm 390mm 390mm
Leaf Strainer 225mm 225mm 455mm 225mm 225mm
Screw Top Lid       225mm  


Standard Fittings

Lockable 19mm tap

Leaf Strainer

19mm Drain Bung

Mosquito-proof Overflow


Additional Fittings

Brass outlets

Polypropylene fittings
Up to 50mm

Poly Riser

Brass gate valves

Poly valves
up to 50mm

Float valve


Tank Accessories

Leaf Eater

Leaf Eater

This is a high performance rainhead designed for debris removal, preventing leaves entering the catchment pipes, yet provides full flow for heavy rainfall applications.

Simple and easy to fit.

Water Diverter

Water Diverter

The First Flush Device is a simple water diverter that allows the first flow of water from the roof to be diverted into a chamber and directed away.

It allows the roof to be flushed clean before water is directed into your water tank.

A simple effective device easy to install, available in kitform, pipe needs to be added, virtually maintenance free.



West Coast Poly offer advice and sales on a range of quality Davey and Onga Pumps for the purpose of household water pressure, garden watering and other applications

Davey XP 45T
Pressure Pump

Onga JSP 120
Pressure Pump

Davey XF Household
Transfer Pump