Fittings & Accessories

Rural range water tanks include Standard Fittings

Standard Fittings

The following fitting are included in the price of your tank and will be positioned and installed by our drivers at the time of delivery. 


Leaf Strainer


Screw Top Lid

Brass outlet
19mm (3/4in) to 50mm (2in)

Brass Gate
25mm (1in) to 50mm (2in)

90mm (mosquito proof screen)


Note:  Lifting shackles are available on request.


Non Standard fittings

In addition to the standard fittings there is a wide range of sizes and types which may suit your particular situation. A sample of the specialised fittings available is listed below but please remember these must be specified at the time of order and while there will likely be an additional charge these can often be installed by the driver on delivery.

Large brass outlets
Up to 100mm (4in)

Polyethylene fittings
25mm & 50mm

Camlock fittings
25mm & 50mm

Brass gate valves
up to 100mm

Poly valves
25mm & 50mm

Float valve
25mm & 50mm

Sight glass

Atmospheric Vent

100mm Overflow



Leaf Eater

Leaf Eater

This is a high performance rainhead designed for debris removal, preventing leaves entering the catchment pipes.

Provides full flow for heavy rainfall applications. Simple and easy to fit.

Water Diverter

Water Diverter

The First Flush Device is a simple water diverter that allows the first flow of water from the roof to be diverted into a chamber and directed away.

It allows the roof to be flushed clean before water is directed into your water tank.

A simple effective device easy to install, available in kitform, pipe needs to be added, virtually maintenance free.



This water level indicating device allows you to check your water level from a distance.

The only water level gauge that shows the actual level of water on the wall of the water tank. Extremely accurate & great for tanks on stands and house tanks.

Kenders Tank Gauge

Kenders Tank Gauge

Galvanised Mounting Fittings, 1½” White UV Resistant PVC Pole, White Polystyrene Float and Marker



West Coast Poly can offer expert advice on matching a pump to a tank to suit your requirements whether it be for agricultural, household or commercial purposes.

  • Household pumps and pressure systems.
  • Engine driven pumps suitable for high pressure firefighting & high volume transfer.
  • Multi-stage Pumps where constant pressure is required, particularly for two storey homes.
  • Centrifugal pumps for hose down, tank filling, water transfer.
  • Hi-Flo Industrial Pumps.

We stock Davey and Onga pumps as well as a range of specialty brands.

Davey XP 45T
Pressure Pump

Onga JSP 120
Pressure Pump

Davey Firefighter
GX 160 Pump

Davey XF Household
Transfer Pump

Onga 184 Hi-Flo
Transfer Pump

Davey HM 270
Multi-stage Pump


*Note pumps are only sold with the purchase of a storage tank