Urban Tanks

What we do

In the main our Urban Agents stock a range of the smaller tanks which we have delivered to their stores and these are available for immediate collection by customers. Where the customer requires a style or colour of tank that is not in stock at the agency we will organise delivery direct from our factory for a nominal additional charge.

If you require unusual fitting placement or size you must advise at the time of order so that your tank can be configured to your requirements in the factory. In most instances this can be accommodated without any additional charge.

Urban Tanks 1

What you must do

Firstly; select a site for your tank which provides a smooth, level foundation without any stones or sharp objects. Double check that the foundation area and insure that the tank will fit with the base fully supported.

Secondly; ensure that the downpipe from your roof can be bought to the top inlet of the tank with sufficient slope so that the water runs freely and that the overflow can be connected to the drainage system.

Thirdly; check that the outlet valve is easily accessible so that you can connect a hose, fill a bucket or connect to the household plumbing.

Finally: check that the tank can be bought to the site easily i.e. it will fit through the gate, under the garage roof, between trees of large plants, and so on.

If you need assistance, the names of installers that are familiar with West Coast Poly tanks can be supplied.

Urban Tanks 2