Certification & Services

In keeping with the high quality standards applied to their manufacturing, West Coast Poly keeps meticulous records of their manufactured products:

Standard details of all tanks are recorded with the tanks unique identification number.

These details include;

  • Date of manufacture
  • Powder batch & Shot weight
  • Machine number & Operator
  • Cook time & Cook temperature


Testing Services

Impact Testing

Using a sample cut-out from the tank this sample piece is conditioned to minus 40 deg Celsius and impact tested for strength. The results of these tests can be made available to customers if they are requested at the time of order.

Ultrasound Testing

A select number of tanks are then subject to the detailed wall thickness measurement using specialised ultrasound equipment. This means we can measure anywhere on the tank, side walls, roof or floor and confirm the thickness profile is within our quality specification.

Hydrostatic Load Test:

Where tanks have specialised flanges or other hand welded fittings or attachments they can be subject to pressure and leak testing prior to delivery if customers require. This test should be requested at the time of order, it can incur an additional charge.  A copy of the test certificate is supplied.

Impact Testing Example