Cartage Tanks & Troughs

Cartage Tanks

A versatile range of cartage tanks custom designed with unique features to assist with ease and efficiency. They are manufactured with heavy duty robust polyethylene with internal baffles to limit surge and a side mounted hatch for easy access. The low profile of the tank makes ideal for mounting on a truck, boomspray or air seeder. Ideal for travelling around the paddocks on the back of the ute.  It has side fill hatch that is easy to reach. This tank was designed with demand from our clients who wanted a versatile means of carting water and other liquids around the property. It is also suitable for heavy liquids with a specific gravity SG of 1.5. such as liquid fertilizer.


Standard fittings

  • 2” outlet at each end
  • 2” Banjo valve with integrated camlock connector
  • Hinged Lid and Strainer.

Optional fittings

  • Heavy Duty Poly Legs
  • Tie down Straps.




5200L (bare) 1.80M 1.34M 3.20M
5200L (with legs) 1.80M 1.40M 3.20M
3400L (bare) 1.80M 1.26M 2.37M
3400L (with legs) 1.80M 1.32M 2.37M




Troughs for stock are an integral part of life on the land.

The water in the troughs allow the water quality to be monitored and replenished with an attached pumping system.

West Coast Poly provides two different styles of troughs, an oblong shallow shape, ideal for sheep, plus a round deeper style for larger animals.

The troughs are made out of the same durable polyethylene material used in the tanks.  It is non corrosive so if you are using bore water the iron content will not corrode the trough.

Polyethylene is also UV resistant and stands up to the harsh conditions of the paddock.



Rectangular Trough with Ballast (230L) 0.55M 0.35M 2.40M
Heavy Duty Round Trough (1,200L) Diameter 1.60M 0.60M  



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