West Coast Poly tanks are produced using the rotomoulding system which allows one piece construction under controlled conditions with a material that is rugged, durable and shows outstanding chemical and environmental resistance.

The process is a four stage system which is inherently efficient:

The polyethylene is tested for dry flow rate and bulk density before a set quantity is loaded into the mould. The mould is then heated while being subjected to multi-directional revolutions so that a specified wall thickness is achieved over the vessel wall. The material is taken to a specified temperature to ensure homogeneity before moving to the cooling phase. The mould continues to rotate during the cooling phase so that it retains its shape.

When the plastic has cooled sufficiently the finished part is removed from the mould and subjected to ultrasonic measurement and low temperature impact testing.

Infrastructure and Machinery

Operating 3 large twin shuttle machines the company is capable of producing a large tank every 20 minutes while the state of the art computer systems monitor temperatures, rotations and cook times to ensure each tank is of the highest quality.

Efficient Factory Design

Quality Machinery

Controlled Environment

While these machines represent a significant investment for the company, their efficiency and ability to control all stages of the production cycle mean that customers receive a product of unmatched finish, strength and durability.

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